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The Texas Cauble Family Association

A recent photograph of a Cauble-Rotan family reunion

The Association was formed in May 1988 at the first family reunion at Crawford, McLennan County, Texas. The original purpose of the association was to gather together Cauble descendants. Over the years, the association has grown in numbers and purpose. Descendants and researchers continue in their goals of documenting the lives of Peter Cauble Sr. (1786 NC-1870 Tyler Co. TX), of Mary Ann Rotan (1794 SC-1860 Tyler Co. TX), and of their ten known children. Through newsletters and this web site, the association reports new genealogical research of the family and news of Cauble descendants and allied families.

Historic preservation and/or restoration are primary family goals. An early preservation venture was the placing Citizen of the Republic of Texas markers at Cauble descendant graves of those who lived in that era. The Association’s crowning achievement was in proactively pursuing the reclamation of the Historic Peter Cauble House in Peachtree Village, Tyler County, Texas. It had been abandoned and all but destroyed, but now had been renovated and has been the site of several Cauble descendant family reunions. The Cauble-Burch Cemetery, which is near the house and site of the burial of both Peter and Mary Ann Rotan Cauble, has also been cleaned and fenced.

Note:  We are a 501(c)(7) organization.
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The 2008 Scholarship Winner


 CPT Todd Christmas Memorial Scholarship

The TCFA sponsors this scholarship awarded annually to a selected descendent of Peter Cauble Sr. and Mary Ann Rotan.