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The Registry

Organization of the Registry

In 1990 Julia Cauble Smith assigned a unique number to each Cauble family descendant. The purpose of the number was to quickly describe the individual’s line of descent. The following explains the method of assigning the number.

Each of the nine known children of Mary Ann Rotan (1794-1860) and Peter Cauble (1786-1870) has been assigned a letter to designate the birth order of that child:
A—-Elizabeth Cauble Osborn (about 1811-before 25 February 1870) (download PDF)
B—-Lucinda Cauble Hughes (about 1813-between 1838 and 1840) (download PDF)
C—-John W. Cauble (1816-1868) (download PDF)
D—-Helen Elmira Cauble Burch (1819-1889) (download PDF)
E—-Isaac Butler Cauble (1820-1904) (download PDF)
F—-Sarah Cauble Weights (about 1826-before 25 February 1870) (download PDF)
G—-Martha Cauble Green (1828-by 1875) (download PDF)
H—-Peter Cauble, Jr. (1829-1857) (download PDF)
I—-James W. Cauble (1832-1867) (download PDF)

A separate letter was assigned to:
J—-John Martin [or Martin W.] Cauble (03 September 1812-28 May 1879) (download PDF), who may have been related to Peter Cauble. However, he was surely not a legitimate son. He may have been a nephew, cousin, or younger brother. Since John Martin Cauble had close ties to the Peter Cauble family, he has been included in the registry. John Martin Cauble did not live with the Peter Cauble family as a child.

How it Works

  • Each descendant of each child is given the letter and a number to designate generation and birth order. Example: H2353 is Julia’s assigned number because she is descended from Peter Cauble, Jr., who is H, from Peter, Jr.’s, second child who was William, from William’s third child who was James Andrew, and from James Andrew’s fifth child who was Frank. Finally, she is Frank’s third child.
  • To designate a tenth or later child born into a family, a period is place before and after the double-digit number to prevent confusion. Example: Wendel O. Montgomery E1.14.2 is descended from Isaac Butler Cauble’s first son, James Lafayette Cauble. His mother, Eula Catherine Cauble Montgomery, was the fourteenth child of James Lafayette Cauble and Wendel was the second child of Eula.
  • The letter A marks an adoption. Example: Shawn Michael Chick is assigned number H235311A and his sister, Jordan Lyn Chick, is assigned the number H235312A. They are the first and second adopted children of Julia’s first child. The letter S notes a stepchild. Example: Shelly Elizabeth Smith, Julia’s stepdaughter, is assigned number H23533S. No special letter is needed for illegitimate births because they are blood descendants-that gives them legitimacy!

Information Needed to Register

The name of the individual, his birth date and place, his marriage date and place, death date, place, and burial ground, and the same information for the individual’s spouse and children. One may submit data about allied families, such as the names and life dates and places of the spouse’s parents.

Registry Info

Since the 1980s, Texas Cauble Family Association has collected family information for the Cauble Registry. This is an electronic genealogy of all descendants of Peter Cauble and Mary Ann Rotan, who settled in Tyler County, Texas, in the late 1830s. We promise that no part of the Cauble Registry will be placed online or in print form with any data about living descendants.

See a sample of a Cauble Registry entry  [and]  Submit your family information