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Registry Info

Vital and event information needed for Cauble Registry:

Descendant’s name
Place and date of birth
Place and date of marriage
Name of spouse
Place and date of spouse’s birth
Names of children in birth order
Place and date of children’s birth
Place and date of children’s marriages
Place and date of any family deaths.

Texas Cauble Family Association maintains several family history scrapbooks of photographs, family stories and recipes, and biographies. Any such information is eagerly accepted.

Names of some of the scrapbooks include:
The Stockman [descendants who were ranchers and farmers];
The Showman [descendants who worked in or owned traveling shows];
The Feed Sack [rural descendant experiences with that valuable free commodity from 1920-1960];The Family Stories [various stories of life and adventure among descendants];

and coming soon:
The Preacher [descendants who were/are clergy];
The Peter Cauble Family [genealogy of the family through the grandchildren of Peter and Mary–all deceased]; and, The Oilman [descendants who were roughnecks, wildcatters, mineral owners, geologists, and engineers in the oil patch].

Many other family scrapbooks contain only photographs–old and current.
We are especially proud of our Family Recipes scrapbook, which welcomes submittals of old and treasured family recipes as well as those used today.

Every descendant has a story, please send yours to us.

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