Texas Cauble Family Association

The Cauble-Rotan website was created to facilitate collection of information about our ancestors, and
publication of that information to share.

We have honored CPT Todd Christmas with a scholarship -- click for details and to apply online.
We meet annually in Texas for a family celebration. Plan to join us this year!
We have published Family Reports, Bulletins and Reunion Programs -- chock full of news and history.
Would you claim kin to these folks?! If you are a Cauble-Rotan descendant, we would love to hear from you.
Our blog has news of the Texas Cauble Family Association, bits of history, notes on recent discoveries and more.
Enjoy our collection of deeds and documents, old photographs, research notes, manuscripts, court records and maps.

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Get details: 2018 Reunion July 20-21 in Albany, Texas

Also – new information posted on the Cauble-Rotan Registry – download information on the issues of Peter and Mary Ann Rotan Cauble.

Do you qualify for a family SCHOLARSHIP?
Find out more about the CPT Todd Christmas Memorial Scholarship; read the guidelines and download an application now!