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Website reborn after 24 years!

Somethings are worth more if they are antiques, but a vintage website does not belong in that category! While more and more folks are subscribing to the services of Ancestry to break through those brick walls of research, family websites can still serve a useful place in the quest — publishing manuscripts, research collections, stories, and more. So, browse through the Archives and enjoy our library of Publications — and contribute if you can!

Letter from the TCFA President: James Sterling Cauble

Greetings to our kin,
It is a pleasure serving as your President but more important just being a part of TCFA. I’m not sure how many of you realize how unique our family is in a number of ways. We all know people who know very little about their roots and never have family reunions. If they have reunions, those are maybe every five years or so. We are very fortunate to have had several members of our family that felt the importance of family and spent countless hours researching and collecting data on the Cauble-Rotan (and allied) family and starting having an annual family reunion. The reunions have enabled us to connect with kin from all over the US.

Another item unique to us is we have our own website. It was created by and maintained by our kin and is used to tell our story, preserve history and share data with others!

In addition we have done extensive DNA work in an effort to find Peter Cauble’s parents. That search continues. The Internet has a number of sites containing historical records. Ancestry.com is one of the more popular one and we have a Cauble-Rotan Family Tree and DNA Family Tree on it. Most of our research is looking at the past but we are also investing in the future with the  CPT Todd Christmas Memorial Scholarship program and have been able to help many of our family members further their education.

We also have what I call our “Crown Jewel” – the Peter Cauble House, home of the first Cauble to settle in Texas. With the encouragement of family members Temple Eastex donated the house, family cemetery and five acre of land to the Tyler County Historical Commission. The house was been restored and has served as home to several family reunions. We provide financial help with the maintenance of the house and cemetery. We also provide financial support to several other cemeteries where family members are buried.

As a member of our family you have much to be proud of and I would encourage you to write your own story. I am sure there are things about you that members of your immediate family do not know and would find interesting. Make your story part of the Legacy you leave.

I would also encourage you to continue to support TCFA and share data with us.