The ARCHIVES: White County, Tennessee Records

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Court Record Abstracts

These records gathered and transcribed by Julia Cauble Smith. They are posted here for the personal use of Cauble-Rotan family researchers.


State vs. John Perkins: 14 April 1807
Jury Summons: 15 April 1807


Grand Jury Summons for May Term 1808
Alexander Lowry, Guardian
Thomas McNeill vs. Coile & Wm. Owens: 11 February 1808
Court Order for Road Jury
Court Order: Thomas Terril/Jonathan Ward
Stock Mark: Morgan Byran
Court Order for Jury Summons: 10 May 1808
Court Order: Joel Bradshaw & William Robertson, Morris & Priscilla Blackwell
William Philips by his Deputy to Peter Scallorn/Bill of Sale: 14 November 1808


William Madding vs. The administratrix of Benjamin Cooper deed (Polly Cooper): 09 May 1809
Elijah Chisum Leper vs. John Seratt/Ejectment: 09 May 1809
Court Orders—Taxes and the Poor: 11 May 1809
John Looney vs. Garland Tidwell/Slander Work of Inquiry: 09 August 1808
William Vallance Vs. Joseph Talkner/Certiorari: 09 August 1808
State vs. Joseph Flemming: 11 August 1808
Stats vs. Amos Lacy/ On an Ind. for AB: 11 August 1808
Joseph Ferry vs. William Cowan/Justices as before: 11 August 1808
John Turner to Joab Scallion/Bill of slae for negro girl named Edah: 11 August 1808


Court Session, February Term 1809
Court Orders: 15 February 1809
Joseph Flemming vs. Edmund Wade and Wm. Rottan & Wm. Ridge his securities: 15 February 1809
Thomas Dillon to John Ogle/Platt Certificate 200 Acres: 08 May 1809
Court Orders for Probate and for Road Duty: 14 August 1809
Patrick Fitzgerald to Jabez Fitzgerald/Platt certificate 320 Acres: 15 August 1809
Joseph Burlison vs. Nathaniel Evans/Debt Appeal: 14 November 1809
Court Order in Probate of Jesse Terry, deceased: 14 November 1809
Thomas Clark, deceased: 14 November 1809
William Bowen to Martha Jerusha Phillips/Deed of Gift: 15 November 1809
Thomas Clark vs. Ericus Smith & Others/Qui tam Debt: 15 November 1809


Court of pleas and Quarter Sessions [etc]: 12 February 1810
William Huff vs. Eden P. Wade, Constable, William Rottan & William Ridge, his sureties/Judgement: 13 February 1810
Landy Shoemake vs Dvid Powell/Attached on ___: 13 February 1810
Morris and Priscilla Blackwell Vs Joseph Fleming and others/Certa Indict: 14 February 1810
James Anderson vs. Jacob Anderson/Trespass vi et armis: 15 February 1810
Samuel Thomas to David Thomas/Deed of Gift Negro man named Edward: 13 November 1810
William Roden to John Walling/Transfer of Platt & Certificate: 13 November 1810
Court Order for Jury Summon Next Term: 13 November 1810


Jury Summon: 15 February 1811
Jeremiah Potts vs. John Allen: 13 May 1811
Court Order for REview of Falling Water-to-Sparta Road: 14 May 1811
Caleb Fraley vs. John Grigsby: 14 May 1811
Caleb Fraley vs. James Herron Surviving parties of Herron King & Co.
Court Order for Jurors Failure to Appear: 15 May 1811
Court Order for Jurors Failure to Appear: 15 May 1811
Alexander Lowery vs. George Miller: 16 May 1811
John Dergan vs. David McDaniel: 16 May 1811


Elijah Ward vs Richard M. Rottan/In trespass: 01 March 1813
Jury: 04 March 1813
James T. Garnett vs Edward Foster & Edmund Hawin/Debt Cer: 07 June 1813
Garrett Fitzgerald vs John Walling: 10 June 1813
Richard M. Rottan vs. Andrew Burk: 11 June 1813
James T. Garnett vs. Edward Harrison & Edward Foster, Edwin L. Harris & Robert W. Roberts, their securities/Debt: 10 September 1813
Sarah Potts vs. Richard M. Rottan: 08 December 1813


Jury Summons: 19 January 1818


State vs. Sevier Evans: 10 July 1820