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We Remember Todd Christmas …

November 29, 2004

CPT Todd Christmas [D6.10.321], stationed at Fort Hood and a native of Wagon Mound, New Mexico, was among the seven killed in the helicopter crash near Waco, Texas. The UH-60 Black Hawk, bound for the Red River Army Depot in Texarkana, went down in a field about 30 miles northeast of Fort Hood, after hitting a web of support wires on a TV transmission tower in the fog.

He had returned from a tour in Iraq. Todd was a Texas Aggie. His parents are Becky and Brad Christmas [D6.10.32], ranchers at Wagon Mound, NM. Todd was “an American hero who died doing what he loved. He was an amazing husband, loving brother, son and friend. All who knew him were touch by his spirit. Captain Christmas was proud to serve his country,” according to a statement released by his parents.

On the left: BG Charles B. Allen, 4th Infantry Division (also killed in the crash). Second from the left is CPT Todd Christmas. Photo taken at the Sesquicentennial Celebration at Ft. Davis, Texas.