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Archives: Dr. James Cross and Lillian Cauble Cross

“Dr. James Napoleon Cross (called “Poly” by his friends and loved ones) was born April 21, 1893.  He was the son of Lillian Cauble Cross and John D. Cross of Weatherford, Parker County, Texas.  He moved with his parents to a farm north of Cheyenne, Roger Mills County, Oklahoma, in 1895.  He graduated from Cheyenne High School and completed his course in pharmacy at the University of Oklahoma.  He entered the drug business at Strong City, Oklahoma.

He married Jessie Kendall on September 27, 1914, in Strong City.  To this union two children were born, a daughter, Gertie Ray (August 14, 1917), and son James N. Cross Jr. (August 7, 1919).  He graduated from Southwestern Optical College of Kansas City, Missouri, on January 26, 1920.  He later obtained his M.D. degree from St. Louis School of Medicine.

His success in the treatment of influenza was phenomenal.  So urgent was the need in the flu epidemic of 1918 that he was called home from medical school by the local doctors to help care for those in distress.  He willingly left his work and came.  Through drifted snow, where cars could not travel, he walked or rode horseback to visit those afflicted with this terrible disease.  Much suffering was relieved and many, many lives were saved by his watchful care.

After graduating from medical school, he returned to Cheyenne and for some time was the only medical doctor in the community.

Dr. Cross was converted and joined the First Baptist Church of Cheyenne in 1913 and was still a member when he died.  He was a 32nd degree Mason and a Shriner.

Dr. Cross was in poor health for several months before an outbreak of influenza in November 1932.  Regardless of his problems, he continued his practice of medicine, administering to the ills of others while he himself was hardly able to go.  He suffered an attack of influenza, and later a clot on the brain caused a paralysis from which he never recovered.  Many skilled physicians were called in for consultation but were unable to hold forth even the slightest hope for his recovery.  Death claimed him Monday, December 12k 1932.  He was 39.  The funeral was held in the First Baptist Church of Cheyenne.  Reverend J. H. Bradley, local pastor, officiated.”

A 100-Year History of Cheyenne and Roger Mills County, Oklahoma
Historic Roger Mills Preservation and Development Foundation, Inc.
PO Box 279, Cheyenne, Oklahoma 73628
Editor:  Linda Kahoa.  Looks like it may have been published in 1995.

See Registry Notes by Julia Cauble Smith on Lillian Cauble Cross [C52]