More than just “face-to-face”

by Sylvia Caldwell Rankin, Editor/TCFA on June 22, 2013

Facebook has evolved from an application for social interaction to a great tool for businesses, non-profit organizations, research groups and more.  One need no longer be plagued with tweet-like postings of events in the daily lives of friends and family, as there are customization options available to contain that kind of information.

Facebook offers personal pages (where you allow friends to connect) and fan-based pages.  A fan-based page can be “liked” or not, but information is openly available.  If a fan-based page is “liked”, then postings on the page will show up in the News Feed of one’s personal page.

There are some fascinating Facebook fan-based pages online now.  
Traces of Texas is one of them.  It’s an off-shoot of the website, whose stated mission is offering thousands of photos of Texas to businesses and to the public.  Images are frequently submitted from a personal collection that we might never have the opportunity to see, if it were not for the Facebook posting.


Another interesting and somewhat controversial Facebook page is Defending the Heritage.  With more than 15,000 fans, it’s mission is described by the quote in our feature box.  

“Any society which suppresses the heritage of its conquered minorities, prevents their history, and denies them their symbols, has sewn the seed of its own destruction.” Sir William Wallace 1281 A.D.

The author’s description of the page purpose is:  “A Confederate Heritage page for those who enjoy reading facts and anecdotes about our Confederate ancestors and heroes.”  Not only will one find a rich collection of Civil War photography here, but there are excerpts from various publications, stories from readers — and more.


A photo-filled page with nostalgic images and thoughts to share is Backroad Discoveries.  While many of the photos have some historic flair, the site is a contemporary collection.  It reads like a magazine … and it’s pure fun!

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