ARCHIVES: Markers and Head stones in Cauble-Burch Cemetery

Cauble-Burch Cemetery and the restored Peter Cauble House are located two miles north of Chester, Texas, on Farm Road 2097 in northwestern Tyler County, Texas. The cemetery and house are less than one-half mile northeast of the Christian retreat, Camp TA-KU-LA. Five acres of land surrounding the cemetery and house were given to Tyler County Heritage Society by Temple-Inland Foundation at the urging of Cauble descendants and by the goodwill of Temple-Inland, Inc. The house and cemetery are leased and maintained by the Christian retreat and with the gratitude of Cauble descendants.

Because of the size of the cemetery and the piles of stones in various locations, several unmarked graves are believed to be located in the cemetery. The Texas Cauble Family Association researchers want to document any other burials in this cemetery. Anyone who can provide information about such burials should contact Julia Cauble Smith.

Markers and Headstones in Cauble-Burch Cemetery

1936 Texas Centennial Marker for Valentine Burch, Hero of San Jacinto
Central 4-sided marker for the Caubles and the Burches
Citizen of the Republic of Texas Markers
were set at the graves of
Peter Cauble and Mary Ann Rotan
4 April 1987
Helen E. Cauble
wife of
Valentine Burch
b. Aug 15, 1819
d. Apr 3, 1889
At Rest
Peter Cauble
c. Mar 9, 1870
Aged 84
His Wife
Mary Rotan
Nov 9, 1860
Aged 66
Valentine Burch
b. Feb 14, 1814
d. Nov 26, 1892
79 yrs 9 mo 12 days
Gone but not
M.P. Hammons
Born Dec 13, 1871
Died Aug 5, 1899
Tho lost to sight
to memory dear
James Burch 1
b. Oct 12, 1847
d. May 20, 1898
Age 50 years
Gone Home
    J.I. Byrnes, M.D. 2
    b. Aug 9, 1840
    d. May 6, 1892

1 fourth child of Helen Elmira Cauble and Valentine Burch

2 son-in-law of Helen Elmira Cauble and Valentine Burch; first husband of Emma Clementine Burch D9 (03 June 1859-27 June 1939)